The Sauce Spot Cosmic Report May 2023

The Sauce Spot Cosmic Report May 2023

Our ancestors studied the cosmos and saw a direct correlation with the above and below. We realized Our existence is being altered predicated upon our position to the sun and the planets in the heavens/sky. From these observations we brought heaven to earth. We created time which is the measure and documentation of events through space. Time gave us “days” which turned into “weeks” based off the planets, moon, and sun’s frequency being omitted to earth. Each month at "The Sauce Spot" we take a look into the cosmic canopy to decode the shifts that are happening in the sky in relation to our earthly existence below and intuit the messages.

Pluto Retrograde In Aquarius 5/1/23

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Scorpio 5/5/23


Venus Enters Cancer 5/7/23


Jupiter Enters Taurus 5/16/23


New Moon In Taurus 5/19/23


Mars Enters Leo 5/20/23

Sun Enters Gemini 5/21/23

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