School of Sauce Booktape Fundraiser

School of Sauce Booktape Fundraiser

SoS Booktape Fundraiser


Here at the School Of Sauce we teach children knowledge of self through rhythm in rhyme. Our goal is help children reach their full God potential by surrounding them with healthy environments, resources, and educators that empower the children to fully express their authentic selves. We are having a fundraiser to expand upon this mission because, as we know, it takes a village. We have created an Astronomy/Astrology booktape that teaches children how to interpret their own birth chart through music. The BookTape has songs, worksheets, videos, illustrations, and commercials. We are $3500 away from completing this amazing project and would love for you to be apart of it as well. Help us help the youth in creating a beautiful tomorrow for our future generations.

Our cashapp is $SchoolOfSauce.

We’re asking for Donations of $100 or more. Thanks for your time and energy

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