School of Sauce Curriculum

Our curriculum is based off the chapters from Sauce Gods Divine Mathematics Booktape and his newest project the "The Matrix Dropout" Booktape, which takes you on a journey of his rediscovery of self and his newfound revelations from taking the path less traveled.

  • Astrology

Students will learn how to interpret their own birth chart

“Our ancestors studied the cosmos and saw a direct correlation with the above and below. We realized Our existence is being altered predicated upon our position to the sun and the planets in the heavens/sky. From these observations we brought heaven to earth. We created time which is the measure and documentation of events through space. Time gave us “days” which turned into “weeks” based off the planets, moon, and sun’s frequency being omitted to earth. “ - Matrix Dropout (Chapter 1: Solar System)


  • Biology
Students will learn each chakra in correlation to the planet, organs, symbol, Endocrine system, food, and archetype as they relate to biology.

    “The 7 chakras represent the God game we're playing. Once we learn the lessons we transcend this physical body.” - Matrix Dropout (Chapter 2: The Heart Chakra)

    • 8 Schools of Magic
    Students will learn chemistry from its Kimetic origin and different ways to harness/repress/guard it on this physical plane.

      “Life Will Push You To The Edge & In Doing So You Become Aware. You Realize The Communion Within Your Experiences & Turn What You Perceive As A Negative Into A Positive. Nothing is happening to you its happening with you and for you. This is Alchemy” - Matrix Dropout (Chapter 3: Alchemy)

      • History vs Ourstory
      This Is Our Story!

        “When being taught our history as it pertains to Melanated beings, lower self always starts from the point of a freed slave. Subconsciously this puts a governing master over the way you digest reality. You always see yourself as lesser; an oppressed being ” - Divine Mathematics (Intro)


        • Divine Mathematics
        Students will learn about MAAT, Vortex Math, germatria, Hermetic Laws, the 7 days of the week, and the Calendar.

          “You are an infinite source of money that’s why it’s called “currency”. When our ancestors built the pyramids we didn’t have money. We had a set of principles we lived by that guaranteed us wealth, stability, and self sufficiency. We called it MAAT. This is where we get the term Math from. ” - Divine Mathematics (Intro)