About Us

In 2020, Sauce & Purp, embarked on a nomadic journey to discover the true knowledge of self and become self-sufficient outside of any governing forces outside of God and the universal laws. They left behind their traditional lives, jobs, and possessions to embrace a simpler way of life focused on personal growth and spiritual awakening.

As they traveled the country, Sauce & Purp used their internal abilities to connect with like-minded individuals and build a network of seekers and healers. They learned from the most brilliant minds of their time, from shamans and healers in Sedona to yogis and mystics in Mt. Shasta. They immersed themselves in ancient wisdom and spiritual practices, seeking to understand the fundamental truths that govern the universe.

Through their travels, Sauce & Purp discovered a calling to create a mystery school, a place where parents and their children could learn ancient knowledge and tools for personal growth and spiritual evolution. They spent years working to build their dream from the ground up, using their skills in conjuration, abjuration, and necromancy,  to call in a beautiful and functional space that reflected their values and vision.

When they found the perfect location, a remote fortress nestled in the mountains of Atlanta, Sauce & Purp knew that they had found their home. They set up their headquarters there, using the fortress as a safe haven for themselves and their community of seekers.

The mystery school that Sauce & Purp created became a beacon of light for those seeking to understand the mysteries of the universe and unlock their true potential. They brought together the most brilliant minds of their time to teach and share their knowledge, creating a community of like-minded individuals who supported and uplifted each other.

Today, Sauce & Purp continue to live in their fortress, serving as beacons of light and wisdom for those who seek them out. Their mystery school has grown into a thriving community of seekers and healers, united in their quest for personal growth and spiritual awakening.