Spiritual Advisory

A spiritual advisor is a person who is deeply rooted and connected to God / The Universe / Spirit and etc. and is able to help others on their personal spiritual paths.

As your spiritual advisor I can help you discover and connect to your higher self. I don’t make decisions for you, but I can help guide you throughout your journey. 

1. Sound spiritual guidance

2. To be held up in affirmations

3. Guidance in all areas of life with a spiritual base

4. A person who can be a sounding board for your thoughts, ideas, and feelings. 

5. Someone who is going to reframe your thoughts and lovingly challenge you. 

6. Spiritual and energetic healing

7. A suggestion of my books, classes, exercises, and resources that will assist you on your journey. 

8. To be treated with love

9. Possible occult work such as sigils.

10. A person who will help you walk a path that he too is walking. 

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