Womb Wellness

The etymology of the word, MATRIX, is WOMB....We are passionate about creating and holding space and embracing the powers of the feminine energy for healing, growth and wisdom. 


For way too long you have been disconnected from your body.  Your womb has carried the emotional trauma that you and your foremothers have been through. This generational need for healing shows up in your life as reproductive disorders, birth trauma, dissatisfaction with your body, fear-led mothering. WANTS INC has partnered with The Sauce Spot to provide a number of ways in which we can connect deeper with our womb for enhanced body positivity, breaking destructive patterns, and gaining the confidence to live the life of your dreams.

Waist Beads - one-of-a-kind body adornments customized for specific intentions with beads and crystals carefully selected for their energetic healing qualities 


Queen's Coaching Course - 6 WEEK empowering program designed to not only addresses the womans physical and emotional health but also hormonal imbalances by being introduced to a combination of cleansing therapies, physical activity, nourishing wellness cuisine, pampering body therapies and holistic hormone balancing tools and sessions.

Book a session to get to the root of physical spiritual and emotional imbalances of the womb space.

Check out The Yoni Crystal Collection

The Yoni Crystal Egg is a sacred practice designed to enhance awareness of physical sensation and assist in the alignment of mind, body and spirit. The yoni egg practice is based on an ancient Taoist tradition that is over 1000 years old, and was developed by three female advisors of the Yellow Emperor. The Chinese royal dynasty used this modality to cultivate sexual energy, improve longevity and reproductive health.
The Yoni Wand is used to give yourself (or your partner) deeply intimate massages. Unlike yoni eggs, you still have contact with the crystal with your hands during the practice—making the wand a powerful tool for working with yourself and pinpointing specific places within the yoni for healing and pleasure. This is a master tool for deepening your practice and exploring your temple.