Yoni Crystals

Yoni crystals, steeped in ancient Taoist tradition, are sacred tools designed to foster a deeper connection between the mind, body, and spirit. Crafted from various crystals, these sacred implements come in two primary forms: the Yoni Crystal Egg and the Yoni Wand. Rooted in a practice over 1000 years old, these crystals were initially developed by three female advisors of the Yellow Emperor in ancient China, notably used by the royal dynasty to harness and cultivate sexual energy, promote reproductive health, and enhance longevity.

Who are they for? Yoni crystals are for individuals seeking to heighten their awareness of physical sensation, delve into self-exploration, and align themselves holistically. They cater to anyone on a journey of self-discovery, seeking to deepen their connection to their bodies and explore intimate practices.

Why use them? These crystals offer a pathway toward greater self-awareness. By engaging with yoni crystals, individuals can tap into their innate energy, promote sexual well-being, and explore a deeper understanding of their bodies, fostering both healing and pleasure.

How do you use them? The Yoni Crystal Egg serves as a guide for internal practice, assisting in the cultivation of pelvic floor muscles, enhancing awareness of physical sensations, and fostering a stronger mind-body connection. On the other hand, the Yoni Wand allows for deeply intimate massages, providing an opportunity for personal or partnered use. By maintaining contact with the crystal, the wand becomes a powerful tool for pinpointing specific areas within the yoni, promoting healing and pleasure. These crystals, when used mindfully, encourage a deeper exploration of one's inner temple, aiding in self-discovery and spiritual connection.