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Divine Mathematics: 12 Week Program

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Introducing our 12-week Divine Mathematics Program, designed for adults ages 18 & Up. This comprehensive program is designed to teach the foundations of mathematics while also helping participants to develop their spiritual and energetic awareness.

Week 1: Matrix Dropout Cleanse

The program begins with a one-week wellness cleanse, known as the Matrix Dropout Cleanse. This cleanse is designed to prepare the participant's vessel to be energetically receptive to the information that follows in the course.

Weeks 2-7: Mastering Numeric Sciences

In the following six weeks, our team of expert mathematicians will teach the participants different esoteric numeric sciences. This course covers the fundamentals of Arithmancy, MAAT, Gematria, Vortex Math, & More.

Weeks 8-10: Application Period

After completing the classwork, each student will receive a Super Heru Report that delves into their unique nine different math magics. During this three-week period, students will have the opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge and skills to real-world scenarios.

Weeks 11-12: Integration Program

The final three weeks of the program allow students to have one-on-one access to specialists and teachers. This integration program helps students to further develop their math skills and explore deeper into the spiritual and energetic dimensions of mathematics.

We believe that our Divine Mathematics Program is a unique and comprehensive approach to teaching math that integrates the spiritual and energetic dimensions of the subject. Our goal is to provide a transformative experience for both children and parents, that will enable them to approach mathematics with a new level of understanding and appreciation.



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