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Dr. Pooch's Get Well Johnny Book Set

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The Get Well Johnny kids books set is the perfect way to introduce holistic health to children K-3rd grade. With childhood obesity at an all time high and diabetes a common ailment, health literacy is the best form of medicine and prevention for our children today and generations to come. We use these books in accordance ith our Biology Course at the School of Sauce.

Health literacy is not taught in schools, yet utilizing the Get Well Johnny books, children become more aware of the innate greatness of natural products. Whether at home or an academic environment, holistic health literacy reminds adults of what children inherently know… health is wealth.

Titles to choose from:

  • Sugar & Salt are always at fault

    Consuming refined sugars and salts in highly processed foods often result in high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, tooth decay and more. Get Well Johnny demonstrates the typical junk food diet children are increasingly being exposed to has devastating, long-lasting effects. But, by consciously reversing our dietary trends towards true nutrition one can ultimately reverse the effects of chronic illness over time. This book is a perfect introduction into the dangers of refined sugars and salts. This book includes interactive exercises, recipes and more.


  • Water is Life

    - Water is alive with form and memory. This fun tale illustrates Get Well Johnny and his superfood friends enjoying the many uses of this miracle liquid. Together, they encourage readers to hydrate with the best liquid our earth has to offer. This is a great book to encourage children to gain awe and affection for the single most important resource on earth: water. This book contains interactive exercises, recipes and more.


  • Superfoods are Super fun

    - Perfect for young boys and girls, this book highlights the importance of eating Superfoods in your everyday diet. Get motivated to be the best you can be with high quality nutrient dense foods that provide energy and immune protection. This book is equipped with a great recipe, as well as fun games and exercises. Superfoods are super fun, they’re super good for everyone!!!!


  • Sugar from nature is always fine

    - Our most popular seller, this children’s book identifies in a clever and memorable way the difference between natural and refined sugars. This health book for kids can be used with grades K-3rd. The interactive portion includes a recipe, interactive games, and exercises, a note to parents, as well as a color me section.


  • Whole foods are better 

    In a world of processed junk food, the importance of eating whole foods should be emphasized at as early an age as possible. Discover what whole foods are and why they’re necessary for a healthy mind and body. This awesome story is reinforced by a recipe, as well as games and interactive exercises.




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