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Hair Oil // Beard Oil // Scalp Oil // 100% organic

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Dark Green hair pomade with Nigella Sativa aka Black Seed. Sometimes called Black Cumin, they have been used as far back as Ancient Khemetic times and was even found in the tomb of TutAnkhAmen. The seeds have a long list of benefits and properties for the whole body. We like it for hair growth especially in thinning areas. We’ve also added a dash of castor oil to our traditional hair pomade recipe to give this batch a big boost for those seeking thicker, healthier results.

Strong roots. Restorative and conditioning; hair and scalp is the game. Massage deliberately in clean damp scalp routinely. Stimulate circulation and growth. Apply after each hair washing or even before washing as a leave in conditioner to rinse out with a mild soap. This product is safe for the whole body and family.

Herbaceutikals hair pomade is made with 4 whole herbs that have been used for thousands of years. Clean, thick, healthy hair and scalp. Antiviral, anti fungal antibacterial is what you want. Some of these herbs are used in the most high end hair products on the market yet in very small amounts. We don’t cut our active ingredients with fillers. This pomade has a touch of beeswax to keep it firm and add the versatility of using this as a healthy styling cream. Treat yourself to this 100% ORGANIC, chemical and pesticide free hair pomade in 4oz glass



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