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Matrix Dropout: The Booktape

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A booktape is a book and mixtape as one. The book comes with illustrations and master classes. The mixtape comes with visuals. Invented in December 2020 Sauce God released a project entitled ”Divine Mathematics”. The project consisted of a 9 chapter book discussing the origins of math through the principles of MAAT, and a multitude of ways to manipulate energy using numbers. Along with the book included hiphop songs created by Sauce for each chapter of the book. The songs were named after the chapters and served as a way to subconsciously program the teachings into your psyche. In this new offering entitled “Matrix Dropout” Sauce takes you on a journey of his rediscovery of self and his new found revelations from taking the path less traveled. The book includes curriculum for children and adults of all ages. The chapters/ subjects include Astrology, Biology, Magic, Mathematics, Quantum Physics, Melanin, & more.


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