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Organic Cacao Shea Body Butter // Calendula Body Butter // Herbal Body Butter 100% Organic

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Indulge in this rich and healing body butter anytime this season for a relaxing aromatherapy experience. Use it head to toe for dry skin, eczema, rashes, cuts, boils, blisters, burns, stretch marks, itchy skin, psoriasis, dark spots and blemishes, cradle cap, and pregnancy related skin itching. Also great as a natural bug repellant. Enhance your aura with high vibrational herbs and oils to nourish your body and spirit. Herbaceutikals body butter begins with organic herbs like Calendula, Lavender, Plantain, Yarrow flowers infused into sweet almond oil and extra virgin olive oil. After the medicinal properties are infused into the oils, pure shea butter and cacao butter are blended in. Herbaceutikals uses only pure essential oils for fragrance. Each essential oil blend is designed to heal. No artificial fragrances are ever used in our products. Herbaceutikals Body butter is high in vitamins A, E, F; fatty acids and provides UV protection. Our shea butter is pure, latex free, fair trade, organic Shea Butter from Ghana, Africa. Best when applied to damp freshly washed skin. Keep in a warm place to keep butter soft, it will harden when cold and melt when too hot; just like butter. Mild spf makes it suitable for sun exposure; Great to keep skin hydrated when swimming in the ocean or pool. Conditioning to severely dry damaged skin as well as hair. 100% ORGANIC Enjoy! We Will refund any shipping overcharges after Item has shipped.



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