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Remineralizing Tooth Powder // OrganicTooth Powder for strong teeth & gums // Flouride Free

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  • Materials: baking soda, sea salt, bentonite clay, cinnamon, clove, mint, tea tree

Remineralize Toothpowder is an oral hygiene staple. Simple yet effective for cleaning, healing, and strengthening. One of Herbaceutikals' best selling products for over 10 years. Enjoy this blend of bentonite clay, cinnamon, clove, baking soda, sea salt and mint essential oils. It is a treat to brush with daily. About 1/4 teaspoon is all you need. Comes concentrated, can be diluted with more baking soda.

Really clean straight to the point oral care. no fillers no binding agents. may be a little messy but your teeth will thank you. Keeping it simple goes right. We look forward to your review ;)



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