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Soul Star Protection Herbal Bath Blend

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Black Hawaiian Lava Sea Salt is an all natural, solar evaporated, pacific sea salt blended with activated charcoal powder, which is derived from Hawaiian coconut shells. T Black Lava Salt, combined with activated charcoal is commonly used to draw out toxins and impurities from the body. Salt is used to absorb unwanted energy and banish negativity. 

Simply pour this mix into a bowl and put it by your doorway, bedside or in your bath. 

Blue Lotus Flower is called the flower of enlightenment. It helps to relieve depressive moods. It is believed to release fear and lead to increased states of cosmic connection and ultimate soul growth.

Chamomile is used to protect the home from people who wish evil on you.

Rosemary has been used for cleansing and purifying since ancient times. It is strongly protective and purifying, helping to ward off evil influences and cleansing the atmosphere of bad energies.

Rose Petals bring beauty and love into the home. They are said to be to highest vibrating flower and that they have magical property to help in developing psychic knowledge and increase intuition


Ingredients: Sea Salt, Flowers, Herbs, Essential Oils

comes in glass jar with muslin bag.



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